About Us

We envisage leaders and managers who are focused on being authentic, who value truth and trust, and who seek to maximise the potential in their people.

Our name, Work Life Champions, captures our aims and objectives, and our logo speaks of aspects of our values: journey, change, seasons, maximising.

It’s from our own journey in several diverse applications and industries that we’ve gleaned the many lessons we now share, both the successes we’ve enjoyed and the weaknesses we’ve had to overcome.

Excellence, Work life Champions

We ask leaders and managers questions that we have ask ourselves frequently: Do you want…

Greater team success and ownership?
More leadership, less management?
Fluid, sustainable change from within?
Integrated leadership with stronger foundations?
The team to get ‘it’?
Performance management with a difference?
A culture of empowerment and vibrancy?
To change the majority of your staff that are unfulfilled and unhappy at work?
True transformation, rather than another model, program, methodology or patch fix?


We develop, facilitate and coach unique Leadership or Management Facilitation and Coaching packages or programs.

These are facilitated either in a one-to-one setting or in groups in various locations.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Or return to the home page to peruse all we offer.

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